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Country Wines

Country wines are traditional drinks that you can be proud of, and by the way, you cannot get them from a supermarket. They are wines  fermented from the juices of fruits, vegetables or flowers and making these  on your own premises is great fun.

Late Summer and Autumn are the best times to make country wines because the fruits are cheaper to purchase and more plentiful.

Over the years the range of ingredients used for country winemaking has been wide and varied. Often it is because of a surplus of fruit or vegetables that motivates people into winemaking.

The grape has been universally accepted as the most reliable fruit for winemaking and therefore many recipes suggest its use in some form or another. In the past, raisins and sultanas have been used in many recipes but this has now been replaced by the use of grape concentrate, which is simpler, cheaper, and produces much better results.

Normally  country wines take between 6 to 18 months to mature .... but they are well worth the wait! Every wine you make will have its own distinctive personality.

If you haven’t the time, why not make a kit wine from your local home winemaking stockist. If you have no local shop, then you may contact us by mail order for a prompt delivery service.