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Home Winemaking
Serving Your Home Wine

Generally, white wines mature more quickly than reds since amongst other features, they contain less tannin.

Many wines become consumable within a few weeks of clearing. However, these are generally lower in alcohol, lacking in both character and the ability to develop if kept for a considerable time.
These wines are a pleasant and enjoyable to drink with food for every day occasions.

There are, however, a great many wines, especially reds, that need to be left for several months to reach full maturity.

Most people nowadays realise that the temperature at which a wine is served plays an important part in their enjoyment of it.

White wines need to be served cool to bring out their flavour to the full.
They should never be served with ice as this dilutes the wine and if too cold, flavour can disappear.

The considered temperature for serving white and rose wines is between 7C (45F) and 10C (50F). To serve at this temperature, place the bottle of wine in the refrigerator for about one hour before serving.

Red wines need to be served at room temperature. This makes them more supple and attractive; somewhere around 21C (70F) is about right for such wines.

When serving wine, it is important to make sure that the glass is never filled to the brim. It is better to fill it only two-thirds full so that:-

  1. The wine looks much better
  2. The bouquet can be more appreciated, since space is left in the glass where esters can collect
  3. The glass can be moved safely without spilling

Each wine has a different character and different tastes for you to find and enjoy.