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Thread on beer barrel (Read 445 times)
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Thread on beer barrel
Jan 28th, 2018 at 10:53am
Hi there, i'm totally new to this whole beer making journey but have embarked on it after my brother bought me a kit at Christmas.
My question is one regarding barreling the beer.

I've bought a Wilco pressure barrel and prior to sterilising it i water tested it which showed up a leak from the top.

I spent some time removing plastic burs and sanding smooth and then with some petroleum jelly around seal and thread retested and it seems ok.

Why petroleum jelly though? would not PTFE tape around thread produce a better more assured seal?

Also, without sloshing the beer around the barrel how can i be sure that it is sealed ok now?

Maybe all rookie questions so apologise in advance Huh
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Re: Thread on beer barrel
Reply #1 - Jan 28th, 2018 at 4:15pm
Kurt, Fill it with water to recommended level, give it a quick squirt of Co2 and listen for gas escaping, roll it around on it's side slowly on kitchen work surface observing for tell tale leaks.
If still leaking take it back to Wilco .
Wink Wink
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Re: Thread on beer barrel
Reply #2 - Feb 5th, 2018 at 12:21pm
Hi Kurt, and welcome.
I procured a similar Young's barrel from a colleague, mainly because it's less labour intensive in terms of washing and steralising 30 odd bottles. But they're inherently troublesome, with the mix between liquid and pressure and rubber seals and plastic threads causing me more hassle than its saves. The cap seal in particular on my barrel. Screw it on too tight and the o-ring tends to partially pop out of its groove, too loose and it doesn't provide a strong seal. Problem is you don't know until your beer's been priming for a week or two and you find it's flat. My last batch showed up a failure in the tap seal which slowly fizzed out onto the garage floor.  Angry
I'm going back to 500ml plastic bottles. Cheap as chips, re-usable, and much more reliable  Wink
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