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My Mushroom and Marmite wine! (Read 563 times)
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My Mushroom and Marmite wine!
Jun 4th, 2018 at 8:59am
Recently, I have started to play around with a few experemantal wine recipes, seaweed wine is bubbeling along nicely and now I am in the throws of making mushroom and marmite wine. 

A week into the fermentation, and I have to say that I am impressed with the initial vigor and taste of this wine.  Why mushroom?  Maybe because I like to break the mould!

Anyway - the recipe as promised...

  • 1kg Button Mushrooms
    1kg Demerara Sugar
    400g Granulate Sugar
    Water to  1 gallon
    Marmite (a tablespoon)
    Yeast (a teaspoon)

​Fry ‘shrooms until they become a juicy gloopy foreboding mush of dark matter.  Don’t worry about the colour, the wine will clear to a clear straw hue with a brilliant sheen.

​Dollop your mushrooms into your primary fermentation vessel (sounds posh for a bucket!), along with the 1.4kg of sugar, customary cup of strong tea and a good tablespoon of marmite.  The marmite adds a depth of flavour that sits just behind the mushrooms on the palate. The marmite in the wine also gives the yeast a boost of nutrition to help it start fermenting.  Not a fan of Marmite? It does loose its unique flavour in the wine, and you could add a traditional yeast nutrient (But you are making a very unusual mushroom wine, be brave and experiment!)

Pour one gallon of boiling water into your fermenting bucket and stir your sweet, mushroom and marmite concoction until all the sugar has dissolved.  Allow to cool, and if you wish, take a hydrometer reading which should be in the region of 1.09, which will give a finished abv of 12.5%.

Pitch in your yeast, I am using a generic wine yeast  - I can faff around with different yeast styles in future batches of mushroom wine. 

Set your covered primary fermenting bucket to one side for three days, stirring daily.  After 3 days, strain the liquid through a sieve or cheesecloth into a demijohn, and ferment till dry.

And a quick video of the process Smiley

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Re: My Mushroom and Marmite wine!
Reply #1 - Jun 8th, 2018 at 9:31am
Great video James. I really love your creativity. If I may make a few suggestions?

I would include a bentonite treatment before adding the yeast. I always do. It speeds up clearing and heads off any of those clearing problems that folk complain about.

I greatly approve of your measuring and adjusting the sugar mid process, but I think that using a refractometer and working by weight rather than volume is easier once you get used to it. Just a personal preference.

I'm sure you don't need me to point out that a smaller tub would better suit the volume you're doing. N.B. In a 10L tub, an initial 5.5L usually makes just enough for 1 DJ after wastage and shrinkage, thus avoiding all that nasty topping up business.

Do let us know how this one works out. I'm fascinated. Wink
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Re: My Mushroom and Marmite wine!
Reply #2 - Dec 10th, 2018 at 12:33am
You say to fry the mushrooms but how does that oil play in the fermentation. Why wouldn't simply fermenting on the 'shrooms work - and indeed, why wouldn't using the alcohol to extract flavor from them be a good variation on your recipe? In other words, what if you fermented say, a batch of honey and when the gravity had dropped to about 1.000 (all the fermentables converted to alcohol ) you then added the shrooms and used the alcohol to extract the flavor?
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