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Windfall apple cider (Read 38 times)
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Windfall apple cider
Oct 8th, 2018 at 10:48pm
Due to some generous friends I have in my garage a high quality apple scratter and press. I've foraged a load of apples and produced a loads of apple juice which is currently fermenting in my garage in demijohns.

I added sparkling wine yeast and my hydrometer indicated 6.5% potential alcohol. I will ferment all of the sugar to an in indicated 0%(less than 1.00 on the other scale)

So making alcohol is easy but lets talk about which directions i could go with this cider.

To clear or not to clear? I've used finings in the past but am risking taste?

Should I back sweeten? If I use finings then back sweeten will I get secondary fermentation? Anyone have a rough idea how much sugar per L for sweetening.

Can I add tannin with a teabag like some of the wine recipes.

Can you adjust the taste once fermentation is complete? Apart from the sweetness

And last but not least how long will it last in bottles? I use white wine bottles because they're easy for me to get?

Thanks in advance. If theres any interest in a photo guide on how to make cider from apples or turbo cider i'd be prepared to give it a go

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Re: Windfall apple cider
Reply #1 - Oct 8th, 2018 at 11:36pm
Scrotty, If you add pectolase and amylase there should be no problem with natural clearing but if you are planning to make a sparkling cider in "white wine bottles" unless they are "proper Champagne bottles"!! don't!! they will explode! use 500ml, 1 or 2 litre PET pop bottles, bottling without priming will still produce a sparkle but much more slowly and the conditioning will allow maturing and a more natural finish.

If you back sweeten with sugar you must stabilise, if you use non fermentable glycerine you can condition as normal in "pressure safe" bottles.

Yes you can add tannin with the T bags, cider apples are described as being sweets, sours and bitters, the bitters having more tannin from what I'm told.

As for adjusting the taste apart from sweetness, not really unless you steep some aromatic or other fruit in it but that takes time and sparkle gets lost in the process, as I've just told Rozzi a handful of sloes will add the tannin/bitterness, some colour, flavour and is best done early on in the process. Wink

PS how long do you think you can keep it! Roll Eyes
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